Venue Hire - Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions and Obligations of the user/hirer:

  1. All hire charges for the use of facilities will be received at a time arranged when the booking is accepted including the Bond Fee (refundable) / Administrative fee (non-refundable) which will be reimbursed after 10 working days if the Terms & Conditions and Obligations of the hirer are met. The bond will be forfeited
    if the licensee/user breaches any of the terms and conditions.
  2. Hirers who hire the hall per School Term (Long Term Hire) are required to make the final payment ONE week prior to the end of the term.
  3. Whilst every endeavour will be made to accommodate unscheduled Church events (such as but not limited to, funerals) to avoid disruption to the hirer such events will take priority. In the event of this occurring the hirer will be given as much notice as is possible to re-schedule or temporarily cancel their booking for that time.
  4. The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in good order, locking and making secure the premises and leaving the building in a clean and respectable condition, fridges will be emptied and shelves left in their original positions. All doors and windows are to be locked/secured. All rubbish is to be cleared and bins emptied into the council collection bins situated outside the building in the car park. If the user/hirer defaults to leave the premises in a clean and respectable condition then any costs associated with extra cleaning will be charged to the hirer/user.
  5. Anything owned by the Church will not be removed from the facility and the use of the facility is only used for the permitted use as specified on page 7.
  6. Anything moved around the facility will be lifted (not dragged) to protect the flooring, and returned to its original position. If any damage to the floors from the moving of furniture occurs, the repair cost or replacement will be charged to the hirer in addition to the bond being forfeited.
  7. Smoking is NOT permitted in the building, persons wishing to smoke may do so only outside the building.
  8. Objects will not be placed in a position where they might fall and/or cause an accident - either within the facility or whilst being stored away in their usual places. Tables and chairs are to be stacked in the designated areas.
  9. All breakages and damages sustained must be reported by the hirer to the Parish Administrator. All costs of repairs or replacements will be met by the hirers. Repair costs in addition to the bond, will remain the responsibility of the hall hirer. Sticky tape will not be used on any surface and any Blue-tac used will be removed.
  10. No-one will enter parts of the Church property other than that which has been agreed upon.
  11. Unless otherwise agreed no Hirer may use or enter any of the storage cupboards in the Hall.
  12. There will be NO sale of Alcohol without the appropriate liquor licences. Alcohol may not be supplied to minors
  13. All lights (including the toilets), heaters, fans, urns or water heaters, and appliances are to be turned off at the conclusion of the function and other switches are not to be tampered with. The oven and other kitchen appliances except the kitchen fridge and water filter machine are to be turned off.
  14. Arrangements regarding access and locking of the facility will be made at the time of booking. Any keys/keycodes/swipe cards will be returned to the Parish Administrator at the Church Office in the manner and time agreed. Bonds will not be returned until the keys/swipe cards are returned.
  15. Evening functions will end by 10.30 pm and the facilities will be vacated quietly to respect the rights of adjoining residents. Taxis need to be ordered in time for the departure time of 10.30pm
  16. Nuisance will not be created for neighbours by noise, lights or cars etc. (including parking).
  17. Illegal activities will not be undertaken.
  18. The prior agreement of the Parish Administrator will be obtained before decorations or exhibits are displayed in the facility.
  19. Any cost resulting from having to involve Police or other security personnel will be borne by the hirer.
  20. Public Liability Insurance cover for at least $5 million will be held by non-personal users, and for at least $2 million for personal users (as defined below). Evidence of insurance cover and currency will be produced to the Parish Administrator at the time of booking.
  21. A copy of the user’s document of constitution will be produced on request by the Parish Administratorfor inspection by them or their representative.

Cancellation of bookings:

Hirers are required to give 14 days’ notice of cancellation for one off/casual bookings and one School Term
notice for on-going/regular bookings. If a hirer cancels an event or an on-going booking without giving the
appropriate notice their bond and hire costs/or monthly invoice hire costs payable in advance will be forfeited
to the Anglican Church of Applecross.

Cancellations may only be effected by notice in writing (including email)
unless otherwise directed written notice of the booking cancellation should be provided to the Parish
Administration Officer.

The Anglican Church of Applecross reserves the right to cancel any one off/casual or
on-going/regular bookings in consultation with the hirer.