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Policy and Procedures

Classification of Users and Hire Charge Rates

The hall/seminar room hire charges are agreed by the Church Council and stipulated for that financial year 2018-2019 and are subject to change. Hire charges are divided into Standard (Private/Commercial), Not for Profit/Community (registered charities) and Anglican Church Member/Organisation and differ from weekday prior to 6pm and post 6pm

Weekend rates.

The standard rate for the use St David’s Church Hall is set annually in advance by the Church Council, Treasurer and Parish Administration Officer. GST is to be added to the total of each charge (including the insurance cost where applicable).


Private use is defined as: being hire by a person or an unincorporated group meeting for a non-commercial, non-political, non-“cause/crusade” purpose here the meeting is not open to the general public and the hirer does not have a public liability policy. Examples of such activities are:

  • A private birthday party, (excluding 18th/21st)celebrations,
  • wedding reception; dance practice not associated with a dance school or lessons and where no fees are charged;
  • friends who want a venue to read plays/poetry etc (but not rehearsals for a show);
  • knitting groups who like to meet to compare work/ideas;
  • musicians using premises for non-commercial purposes (but not musicians who perform elsewhere);
  • Informal support/self-help groups.

Standard rateis defined as being that rate charged by local councils and other venues for the hire of their facilities.

Casual Hire is defined as being any hire of the premises that is for a one off event only.

Long term Hire is defined as being any hire that is for a continuous period requiring the frequent hire of the premises.

Find more information: Hire Policy document Hall Hire Enquiry

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