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Newcomer & Visitors

What can I expect

St Davids

  • While following the traditional liturgy for the most part from A Prayerbook fror Australia there are some variations, mostly in movement thorugh the church, or prayers and hymns/songs.
  • A service booklet will be handed to you on your arrival with all the prayers and movement through the service
  • We gather around the font for the Confession
  • We gather around the Altar for the Thanksgiving.
  • The song-sheet provides the hymns and songs and sung response to the Psalm when used.
  • The celebrant (minister) will take you through the service and announce the movements
  • Children are welcome and there is a play area at the rear of the church with toys and activity sheets for preschool-aged children.

St Georges

  • A traditional Anglican Service following A Prayer book for Australia
  • Hymns from An Australian Hymn Book II
  • Baptised members of mainstream churches are welcome to Holy Communion

What to expect when I visit?

What are the services like?

At St Georges church we use A Prayer Book for Australia for nearly each service which is the official form of service for Anglican worship in Australia.

At St David's, the form of service follows A Prayer Book for Australia but with some minor variations including movement to areas of the church at certain points such as gathering around the font for the Confession, and around the altar table for the Thanksgiving and Communion.

The music is usually in the traditional style (organ) with some hymns accompanied on piano.   The choir sings on alternate 2nd and 4th Sundays, and the Psalm is sung by a cantor (soloist) and response by the congregation on most occasions, with some weeks having the Psalms said. 

The service is printed in a booklet, which will be handed to you on arrival.  Hymns and songs are also printed, and if requested a Hymnbook can be provided.

There are certain parts of the service for which we stand or sit/kneel, and the priest leading the service will direct you appropriately.

Morning tea follows the service at St Georges, and in the Hall at St Davids.